Professional Technical
Strong technical force
Wide range of applications
Free after-sales maintenance


Independent R&D Center, Multi-Patent Technology

Through industrialization and large-scale production management, the company has become a potential domestic water treatment manufacturing company.

The field of high efficiency adsorption and purification is at a high level in China. It has advanced technology in the design of domestic reverse osmosis water purifier.

Strong technical strength, leading the industry

Strong technical force, the company has a number of outstanding scientific research technology and management professionals

Provide customers with good pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service

The equipment is simple in structure, small in area, convenient in installation, operation and maintenance.

Strong safety performance, no accident of equipment

Professional Technical Team - Providing Professional Solutions

Metga Commercial Drinking Water Solution is tailor-made for enterprises, schools, factories, airports, stations, restaurants and other places to ensure the health and safety of drinking water for business people, urban white-collar workers, employees and students.

Metka Commercial Water Purifier, Higher Quality, Lower Price