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National Policy Helps the Water Purifier Industry to Continuously Develop

Release time:2019-03-07 14:40:44

In recent years, due to the impact of the drinking water safety crisis, consumers'awareness of drinking water safety has gradually awakened and health awareness has gradually improved. Since the second half of 2012, the search index of "water pollution" keywords in search engines has increased significantly, while the media index has also increased sharply, which shows that the concept of healthy drinking water of Chinese consumers is gradually increasing.


     The economic foundation decides the superstructure. With the improvement of people's living standard, the consumption concept and consumption consciousness of users are changing. The consumption of residents is changing from ensuring the safety of drinking water to improving the quality of life. The quality of consumer goods is constantly improving, the demand for individualization is increasing, and seeking new and better quality is becoming the theme. With the improvement of living standards, consumers will inevitably develop to high-end demand after meeting the low-end demand; the best-selling of quality commodities reflects that consumers begin to search for products that meet their own requirements according to their own perception and consciousness, and also cater to consumers'pursuit of high-end quality of life; at the same time, the upgrading of users' product needs will effectively promote industrial upgrading.


     At the same time, national policies help clean waterindustryKeep on improving。The National Standard of General Requirements for Water Purification Devices for Household and Similar Use has been completed and perfected.Water purifierElectrical performance standards, including the total water purifier, functional efficiency, noise, delay rate, regeneration rate, waste water ratio, recovery rate and so on, are classified according to different technologies; The General Requirements for Purification Cores of Drinking Water for Household and Similar Use, the national standard is for the core of the water purifier, and the standard scope of which covers the household water purifier.reverse osmosisMembranes, ultrafiltration membranes, PP cotton, etc. At the same time, the Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control will be issued soon, which will lead to a total investment of more than 2 trillion yuan. Among them, the safety of drinking water is still the focus of the "Ten Rules of Water" compilation. It mainly aims at the water body with better water quality, such as the source of drinking water, so as to ensure that the water quality does not decline or deteriorate. The implementation of the two national standards will guide the regulation of the whole water purification industry.enterpriseThe direction of development and the improvement of consumers'awareness of healthy drinking water are of positive significance, which has a slow but firm impact on the water purification market, while the economic benefits caused by the "Ten Rules of Water" may amount to 100 billion yuan, thus judging that the water purification market will usher in a new round of development peak period.。


     At the same time, the upstream industry chain is becoming more and more mature, leading to the rapid expansion of the number of brands, and the future market competition will become increasingly fierce in the middle and low-end market. At present, there are more than 4000 enterprises related to aquatic products in the known market, and only 800 enterprises producing aquatic products. The rest are mainly distributed in specialized manufacturing enterprises such as accessories, membranes and filters, and the reason why these enterprises have not entered the net market is that they have not yet entered the net market. In aquatic product production, it is more hindered by channels; then with the rapid expansion of online channels, low entry threshold and low cost of delivery, it creates favorable conditions for the transformation of fittings manufacturing enterprises into aquatic product manufacturing enterprises; from this, it can be inferred that more enterprises will enter the water purification market, the market space will expand, and the market competition will become more competitive. To the full.

     Traditional after-sales service brings more problems to users, such as passivity, inadequate service and poor service attitude. With the enhancement of enterprise's active service consciousness, especially the association of intelligent interconnection in enterprise's active service, users will enjoy more active care from enterprises, which will surely enhance user experience and user satisfaction, enhance the stickiness between users and enterprises, and reduce them. At the same time, the service will bring great benefits to the water purification market.

   Under the general environment, according to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the growth rate of per capita GDP income of residents has slowed down in the 10 years from 2005 to 2014, but the growth trend has been maintained. The total retail sales of social consumer goods in China increased by 12.0% in November 2014 compared with the same period last year, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods were 23659.3 billion yuan, with a real increase of 11.4% after deducting the price factor. Retail sales grew by 11.8% and rural consumer goods by 12.9%. The growth rate of rural consumption keeps a relatively high level and is higher than that of urban consumption; the growth rate of farmers'income is obviously accelerating. With the acceleration of the construction of agricultural and rural infrastructure and the reform of household registration system, when they are transformed into new urban citizens, their consumption concept and consumption mode will change dramatically. Farmers will be the largest consumer demand group in China.


     Although the current urban income groups in China mainly focus on survival consumption, with various reforms and security measures tilting towards low-income/disadvantaged groups, more urban residents will have more consumption capacity and confidence under certain conditions, which will also release the consumption potential of urban residents and really improve their consumption level.

   The urbanization rate has accelerated and the three or four levels of market expansion has been promoted. The continued release of urbanization dividends will provide sustained impetus for the steady development of the small household appliances market, especially the water purification market, with the increase of the capacity of the tertiary and tertiary markets, the improvement of the income level of new citizens, the promotion of brand awareness and the change of lifestyle and concept.


    "National New Urbanization Plan" in 2020, the urbanization rate of permanent resident population reached about 60%, and the urbanization rate of household registration population reached about 45%; about 100 million agricultural transfer population and other permanent resident population settled in cities and towns, with more agricultural population changing to cities, with the acceleration of agricultural and rural infrastructure construction, when the household registration system reform transformed into new urban citizens, it disappeared. Farmers will be the biggest consumer demand group in China.


      Therefore, according to Oviyun's calculation, by the end of 2015, the retail sales of water purification market will reach 18.2 billion yuan, with the market penetration rate reaching 53.3%; in 2017, it will reach 50.1 billion yuan, with the market penetration rate reaching 12.7%; by 2020, the retail sales of water purification scale will reach 104.8 billion yuan, with the market penetration rate reaching 31.4%. At the same time, Ovi cloud network also predicts that water purification equipment and water purifiers will be the main types of water purification structure by 2020, accounting for 39% and 33% respectively. The upgrading of aquatic household appliances is still the main theme, and the category of water purification equipment keeps rapid growth.

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