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Five Business Opportunities for the Rise of Water Purifier Industry

Release time:2019-03-07 14:48:12

Business Opportunity 1: With the increasing pollution, people pay more and more attention to drinking water safety. Because of the lagging development of traditional state-owned water supply enterprises and lack of financial resources, it is difficult to solve the problem of drinking water pollution for urban residents in a short time. In June 2005, the Ministry of Construction promulgated a new "Water Quality Standard for Urban Water Supply" (CJ/T 206-2005). However, due to local financial difficulties, it is very difficult for most areas to fully implement it except for a few places. Finally, it can only be left in the form and become a dead letter. Such a huge system transformation project is far from enough to rely solely on state investment. It must absorb a large number of private capital in order to solve the problem ultimately. Therefore, the industry prospect of water treatment market is very broad.


    Business Opportunity 2: After years of cultivation of the direct drinking water machine market, the market is maturing, product quality is stable, production costs are further reduced, consumers'awareness of the quality of water supply and direct drinking water is getting higher and higher. This makes it possible for direct water dispensers to enter thousands of households.


    Business Opportunity 3: From the point of view of product market life cycle, early entry into the market will lead to high profit and high risk, early and medium entry into the market will lead to high profit and low risk, and later entry into the market will lead to low profit and high risk. The direct drinking water machine market is still in the early stage of the market. The development of enterprises is uneven, the price transparency is low, and the industry monopoly brand is difficult to produce. The number of similar enterprises is very few, the industry competition is relatively small, and the profit margin is relatively large.


    Business Opportunity 4: At present, the market demand for water purification is huge, and the renewal of water purifiers is imminent. The time is ripe for water purifier to replace barreled water. According to the development experience of foreign water supply and direct drinking machine, it is the best time to enter the market. The golden period of high profit return is at least 3 to 5 years apart.


     I believe that more and more families will choose household water purifiers in the future, which will bring us better health water, but also bring us a more perfect effect of drinking water. Drinking water health is a problem that deserves our attention. I hope everyone can take it as a warning and pay close attention to the safety and security of our drinking water at all times. I believe that in the future, many of our families will use water purifiers.

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