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Serial number: 300G desktop flow: 300G

Applicable voltage: DC 3V 7 dry cell*2

Rated power: 15 mW

Applicable water pressure: 0.12Mpa-0.45Mpa

Temperature: 5-38 degree C

Maximum water production: 100GPD about 3790L

Rated total water purity: 1 m

Water tank volume: 2.5L

Intake water quality: municipal tap water

Packaging size: 358*305*492mm

Configuration and characteristics

Plugging PP cotton, Plugging granular carbon, Plugging post-Plugging carbon, Plugging 300G Ultra-Low Pressure Film

Features: each machine gift bag (one tea cooker and one black tea); patented clip-on filter element, easy installation and replacement, reducing the potential leakage; ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane element; fully built-in design; integrated clip-on discarded filter element; no pump and no electricity; simple installation and operation; new automatic water cut-off valve; filter element life LCD screen